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Clark•Nexsen Selected For Contract
August 10, 2005

Clark•Nexsen, an award-winning architecture, engineering, planning, and interior design firm, is pleased to announce that they have been selected for a three year contract for master planning and related services, by the Savannah District of Army Corps of Engineers.

The contract is for work at U.S Army Corps of Engineers offices, U.S. Army installations, U.S. Air Force bases, U.S. Navy or Marine bases, or other federal government-owned facilities, installations, or real estate under their control within the South Atlantic Division area of responsibility including Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Puerto Rico, Central and South America, and for other projects assigned to Savannah District.

Work will consist of preparation of all or parts of master plans; creation, development, or operation of GISs or other engineer automated systems; project planning; environmental planning or assessments; surveying; or other related engineering work. Typical projects may include preparation of short-range or long-range components, master plans, comprehensive plans, project programming documents, engineering studies and/or analyses, projects associated with design standards for installations, and geographic information systems.

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