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Coalition Looks to Produce High-Performance Buildings
May 25, 2009

As Congress looks toward measures to reduce energy use in federal buildings, the leadership of the High Performance Building Congressional Caucus Coalition (HPBCCC) has issued recommendations that would allow the widespread development of high-performance federal buildings. The report, Producing High-Performance Federal Buildings, was developed at the request of Rep. Russ Carnahan, D- Mo., co-chair of the High-Performance Building Congressional Caucus, by the leadership of the HPBCCC, which works to heighten awareness and inform policymakers about the major impact buildings have on health, safety and welfare. The report is being issued to other High-Performance Building Congressional Caucus members as well as other relevant Congressional offices.

More information on the Coalition and a copy of the report can be found on the HPBCCC website.

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