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"Composites...Rebuilding the World"
January 25, 2005

Fiber reinforced polymer composites (FRP) are one quarter the weight of steel, they have a higher strength to weight ratio than steel, they can last decades in aggressive corrosive environments that will destroy carbon steel in six months, they can be formed to any shape, they are electrically non-conductive, and the list goes on. They are used in bridge deck overlays, bridge structural repairs, flue gas desulphurization stack liners and scrubbers, wastewater and water treatment plants, tanks, piping, ducting, pressure vessels, copper hydrometallurgy, and the list goes on. But how does an engineer find the necessary technical information and data to make use of these new materials?

Presented under the theme of “Composites…Rebuilding the World”, the 2005 Conference on FRP in Corrosion, Construction, and Infrastructure to be held at the Riviera Casino & Resort in Las Vegas, NV from March 8 – 11, 2005 brings to consulting engineers, engineering contractors, building and mechanical contractors, and end-users practical insights into how fiber reinforced polymer composites are being used in corrosion-resistant equipment, infrastructure applications, construction, and new materials development. If you are looking for new ways to decrease costs, lighten the weight of your designs, and extend the life of your equipment, this technical program will give you the practical tools and references you need as well as case histories and how-to sessions. A tabletop exhibit will offer further opportunities to learn about products and services used in the application of FRP technology.

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