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Craney Island Hosts Community Open House
April 17, 2009

According to information available from the US Army Corps of EngineersĀ® Norfolk District, they and the Virginia Port Authority are partnering to construct the Eastward Expansion of Craney Island. A project of dual purpose, the Craney Island Eastward Expansion will extend the life of Craney Island as a dredged material management area and provide land for construction of a new marine terminal.

Almost since the facility was first constructed, Craney Island has been considered a prime spot for a new marine state-owned port facility, to compliment terminals in Norfolk, Portsmouth and Newport News. In 2006, the Corps concluded a nearly 10-year study with the Port of Virginia that called for construction of a fourth, 580-acre dredged material cell, to be located on the eastern side of the facility. The cell will then be turned over to the Commonwealth of Virginia for construction of a new marine terminal.

Norfolk District, along with the Virginia Port Authority and Craney Island Design Partners, will host two Community Open Houses, April 21st and 29th, to provide the public with information about the Craney Island Eastward Expansion. These events will include an interactive project presentation covering economic benefits, transportation, environmental mitigation, funding and other topics. Additionally, representatives from the Army Corps and Virginia Port Authority will be on hand to answer questions and collect feedback from the public.

Find out more information at the Craney Island Eastward Expansion website.

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