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CSRF Announces Technical Review Committee
August 19, 2005

The Construction Sciences Research Foundation, Inc. (CSRF), developers of SPECTEXT® Master Guide Specificiations, has announced the appointment of new members to the SPECTEXT® Technical Review Committee. The Committee is composed of experienced, practicing spedifiers who write project specifications for a wide varity of projects going out to bid on a daily basis. The Committee members represent architectural, civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, and environmental engineering disciplines and are selected based on their expertise and experience and CSRF’s future development plans for SPECTEXT®.

Serving on the SPECTEXT® Technical Review Committee are: Julie K. Brown, CSI, CCS, President of JKB Architectural Specifications in Mrogan Hill, CA; Donald F. Caskie, P.E., Principal at Bay Design Group in Saluda, VA; Charles Denisac, FCSI, CCS, President of CMS Consultants in Downey, CA; Faramarz Farassat, P.E., Senior Mechanical Engineer at Bay Area Rapid Transit in Oakland, CA; Donald Sieracki, P.E., Senior Project Engineer with CTE Engineers in Chicago, IL; Peter Slavovsky, NCARB, CSI, CDT, Senior Architect and Group Leader for Specification at Westinghouse Savannah River Company (Bechtel) in Aiken, SC; and Susan Sprague, P.E., Quality Assurance Manager for C. S. Davidson in York, PA.

CSRF sponsors the SPECTEXT® Technical Review Committee to ensure the high quality of the SPECTEXT® libraries is maintained and all subscribers’ needs are satisfied. The Committee reviews the techical content of new SPECTEXT® Sections as they are developed and provides ongoing quality control review of the SPECTEXT® database to ensure SPECTEXT® Master Guide Specifications are continuously updated to reflect current standards, best practices, and conformance to the specification formatting standards recommended by the Construction Specifiers Institute (CSI).

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