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DHS Awards Technical Services Contract
March 15, 2018

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Office of Emergency Communications (OEC) has announced the award of a contract to provide technical services to a team of prestigious companies, lead by Booz Allen Hamilton and includes Federal Engineering (FE).

According to Mr. Ronald F. Bosco, FE’s President and CEO: “Federal Engineering’s broad background in Federal, state, regional, county, and local public safety communications consulting brings a unique perspective to multidiscipline interoperability and the challenges it proposes. We appreciate the diverse requirements of our nationwide customer base and understand how the technical and operational needs of first responders must be met.”

Under the newly-awarded multiyear contract, FE will:
• Assist Booz Allen and the government in providing stakeholder engagement program support;
• Provide technical assistance and support to Working Groups and interchange meetings; and
• Assist Booz Allen and the government in conducting analyses and developing reports to address member initiatives and ad hoc informational requests with a focus on NG-911.

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