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DOC Announces Publication of Exclusion Request Requirements
March 29, 2018

The U.S. Department of Commerce has announced the publication in the Federal Register of an Interim Final Rule outlining the requirements for requesting exclusions from the President’s recent proclamations intending to increase tariffs on imported steel and aluminum.

Some key points about this rule include:
• The Interim Final Rule is effective March 19.
• Comments on the rule are due no later than May 18, 2018.
• Only individuals or organizations that use the steel or aluminum articles identified in Proclamation 9704 in business activities (e.g., construction, manufacturing, or supplying steel or aluminum to users) may submit exclusion requests.
• There is no time limit to request an exclusion.
• All requests for exclusions must be made in electronic form and submitted through the Federal Rulemaking Portal.
• Objections to any requested exclusions can be made through the same portal.
• Information provided in conjunction with exclusion requests or objections to exclusions will be subject to public review; therefore, sensitive information, including social security numbers and employer identification numbers, should not be provided.

View the Federal Register notice.

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