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Draper Aden Associates Announces Re-branding
August 12, 2009

Draper Aden Associates is pleased to announce that it is changing the name of its Solid Waste Management Division to Waste Resource Engineering. The re-branding is designed to reflect the industry’s shift to new management strategies consistent with the challenges of energy independence, climate change and resource recovery. 

“Greenhouse gas emissions, carbon credits, beneficial use and recoverable revenues from landfill gases are a huge part of the future of solid waste management,” said Jeff Crate, P. G., Vice President and Division Manager of the newly named division. “We believe this change will better reflect our proactive approach to the changing technologies in our field. While we will continue to offer traditional solid waste services to our clients, we also will offer services reflective of the future.”

Draper Aden Associates has been offering solid waste management services for three decades and has assisted over 200 waste facility owners/operators, both public and private, throughout the southeastern United States.

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