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Dream Jobs 2010
March 1, 2010

Some careers proceed evenly down a neat and well defined path. Those aren’t necessarily, however, the kind of journeys that lead to dream jobs. The ten technologists in this years Dream Jobs special report found, instead, that their journeys were full of unexpected twists and turns, dramatic surprises, and, in at least one case, what appeared to friends and colleagues like a complete about-face. Follow the people who followed their dreams:

Jacob Melvin: A young computer scientist who struggled to graduate from college and subsequently landed a job in the ultimate dreamscape, DreamWorks Animation;

Bob Marsh: A personal-computer pioneer who is now bringing computing to remote places in the world, including Haiti; Ernst Vollm: An engineer who designs and tests the most sophisticated dive computers ever;

Henrik Sorensen: One who stays above the water, designing energy systems for sustainable buildings;

Rick Armstrong: A former sound engineer who buzzes the U.S. landscape with a planeload of computer equipment, generating detailed 3-D maps;

Hiroko Ohmura: A computer scientist with a passion for pianos who is creating virtual grand pianos for Yamaha; Ronald Thomas: An engineer who climbs volcanoes looking for lightning;

Jose Losada: An engineer who lives in an island paradise, looking at the stars; Brian Gallagher: A tattooed surfer who is working on the most advanced electric vehicles; and

Catherine Mohr: A former electric-vehicle designer whose growing interest in surgical equipment led her to surgical robots, after a stop along the way for medical school.

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