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Dream Jobs 2011
March 1, 2011

The economy lately has been unforgiving, to say the least. Yet, despite abrupt turns and occasional missteps, there are engineers who have found the jobs that are best for them such as:

Loredana Bessone: A diver, a flier, and a spelunker, he trains astronauts to survive the rigors of space;

Ricky Langer: Senior systems engineer Langer says, “Baseball is my life.” At ESPN his job combines work and play;

Gus Lott: An electrical engineer with biological interests who designs virtual-reality systems for animal research at Janelia Farm;

John Q. Walker: He brings great musicians of the past back to virtual life at Zenph Sound Innovations;

Jordin Kare: This laser rocketeer has received a Pegasus award for his folk song “Fire in the Sky”;

Lucie Pautet: A deep-sea diver helps to build the world’s most ambitious cabled underwater observatory;

Hsin-Chien Huang: He wanted to be a comic-book artist and now builds multimedia installations in Taipei;

Japp Duiser: He’s working toward a world without drivers while commuting to a carbon-neutral oasis in the United Arab Emirates;

Amir Abo-Shaeer: This high school teacher has created a four-year engineering academy and become a MacArthur Fellow in the process; and

Mark Sagar: This software maestro creates special effects for motion pictures.

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