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Earth Day Network Expands Outreach
March 20, 2019

Earth Day Network (EDN) is implementing a two-year campaign in Virginia to broaden environmental education and strengthen sustainability efforts in the region. With a new campaign manager located in Central Virginia, the non-profit organization’s Earth Day Virginia Campaign will focus locally on its mission to diversify, educate and activate the environmental movement worldwide.

EDN’s 2019 global campaign to Protect Our Species will take on local meaning in Virginia where hundreds animal and plant species are threatened or endangered. Some, like the Red Cockaded Woodpecker or the Virginia Northern Flying Squirrel, are well-known while others, such as the Peter’s Mountain Mallow and the Elephant Ear Mussel, are rarely seen but equally in peril. EDN will partner with organizations around the Commonwealth to highlight the threats to these species and promote conservation of Virginia’s natural resources.

Additionally, the group seeks to expand environmental education, inspire volunteerism, spread citizen science, and engage diverse communities including universities and religious congregations, particularly in the communities of Charlottesville, Lynchburg and Richmond.

Earth Day Clean Ups are another area of focus. During April 2019, Earth Day Network is working with National Clean Up Day, grassroots organizations and community members to clean up green spaces, urban landscapes and waterways across the U.S.

In the Richmond area, Earth Day 2019 Clean Ups are being planned with participation by the City of Richmond, Keep Virginia Beautiful and other groups between April 20 and April 28. Look for Clean Up events here.

The Virginia Campaign will launch in April 2019 and continue through 2020, the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. Interested individuals may contact Campaign Manager Will Callaway, 202-422-1174, to learn more about Earth Day’s Virginia Campaign and partnership opportunities with EDN.

More information about the campaign can be found at the Earth Day Virginia website.

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