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NEWS Improvements Provide New Benefits
September 17, 2009 has announced two important upgrades that will make the streaming-video presentations far more effective for in-office professional-development presentations. First, the presentations are now available at three streaming speeds, meaning you can watch the presentations with no annoying buffering interruptions even if your system works at a slow connection speed; at least 256 kbps. Second, the presentations now have a zoom feature, meaning you can easily expand the video to full-screen viewing, which is great for group instruction. Some of those watching it one-on-one on their computer screens may appreciate the zoom feature, too.

The first ten (of a planned 100-plus) presentations are available free of charge to members of ASFE. If you haven’t tried eBrownbag presentations yet, you’re missing out. “Enthusiastic” does not begin to describe the response of those who are using them.

Connect to eBrownbag presentations via the ASFE home page or by going directly to

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