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Emerging Leaders Alliance Provides Learning
September 1, 2008

A group of chemical, civil, mechanical, petroleum, and materials engineering organizations have joined forces to address a common concern for all disciplines: how to train the world’s future engineering leaders.

The joint effort has resulted in the Emerging Leaders Alliance program, which provides an interdisciplinary community of learning for future engineering and scientific leaders. The Emerging Leaders Alliance intends to use both hands-on workshops and on-line interaction to train future leaders in basic skills that can be applied in a variety of science and engineering disciplines.

As a first step, the alliance has launched a web site that acts as both an introduction to the program and as a resource for professional career advancement. Visitors can download free webcasts, reports, and other valuable resources to help future engineering leaders understand the current climate of the science and engineering profession as well as the skills necessary to succeed in it.

Included among the site’s free leadership resources are the following webcasts:
“Grand Challenges and Great Contributions for Engineering,” recorded by Charles Vest, President of the U.S. National Academy of Engineering, specifically for the Emerging Leaders Alliance program.
“Sustainable Mobility: The Grand Challenge Webcast,” recorded by John Moavenzadeh, Senior Director of the Sustainable Mobility and Strategy World Economic Forum, for the TMS 2008 Annual Meeting.
“International Perspectives on 21st Century Engineering Education,” recorded by Norman Fortenberry, Director of the Center for the Advancement of Scholarship on Engineering Education at the U.S. National Academy of Engineering, for the TMS 2008 Annual Meeting.

The Emerging Leaders website can be accessed at The webcasts, and additional resources from leaders in science and engineering, can be found through the “Leaders Voice” section of the site.

In October, the Emerging Leaders Alliance will hold its first training program in conjunction with the Materials Science & Technology 2008 (MS&T’08) conference to be held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The Emerging Leaders Alliance is funded by the United Engineering Foundation (UEF), which supports engineering and education through grants.

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