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Energy Research Engagement Showcase Scheduled
November 13, 2006

The Nov. 29-30 Energy Research Engagement Showcase at The Inn at Virginia Tech and Skelton Conference Centers offers business and community leaders the opportunity to learn about more than 300 energy-related activities at universities in Virginia.

Sponsored by Virginia Tech’s Office of Economic Development and the Deans’ Task Force for Energy Security and Sustainability, the showcase will foster commercialization of research from Virginia universities in the energy and energy-related environmental fields, enhance public-private partnerships that will make Virginia a leader in energy security and sustainability, stimulate economic development, and facilitate the adoption of profitable energy solutions. The showcase is part of Virginia Tech’s “Energy Ideas” initiative, a year-long series of events designed to increase dialogue within the university and acquaint the public with Virginia Tech’s efforts related energy innovations.

The agenda will include discussions on Virginia’s efforts to commercialize energy research, renewable and non-renewable energy opportunities and challenges, energy policy, environment, infrastructure, and efficiency. There will be overviews of wind, biomass, solar, nuclear, fossil fuels, hydrogen, and fuel cell research at Virginia Tech and other Virginia public universities; industry perspectives; and government initiatives relating to energy.

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