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Energy Secretary Bodman Urges Lighting Upgrades
December 17, 2008

More than $50 billion is being wasted each year by the owners of 2.8 million U.S. commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings that rely on outmoded lighting systems that waste energy and money, especially when they fail to deliver the array of High-Benefit Lighting® savings otherwise available.

Citing a letter issued by Secretary of Energy Samuel W. Bodman, National Lighting Bureau Chair Robert W. Colgan, Jr. noted that “the return on investment that can be generated by upgrading these outmoded systems will never be better. The Commercial Building Tax Deduction [CBTD] introduced through the Energy Policy Act of 2005 has been extended through December 31st, 2013. The CBTD gives owners a tax benefit of as much as 60 cents per square foot for qualifying lighting systems, effectively lowering the investment required to update or replace an outmoded system. The return – in the form of utility bill savings and the bottom-line benefits of providing better seeing conditions – creates a genuinely huge financial incentive at a time when building owners could really use one.”

Despite the often-substantial savings afforded by lower utility bills, the most significant value likely to be derived from lighting-system upgrades comes from what the National Lighting Bureau calls High-Benefit Lighting®; that is, lighting systems designed specifically for the tasks, workers, and spaces involved.

Lighting-system designers available to help achieve High-Benefit Lighting® in every state of the union are listed at the National Lighting Bureau website

The Bureau’s website also provides guidance on how to select lighting-system designers and lists individuals who are authorized to certify that a given lighting system complies with the CBTD requirements. The Bureau’s website also provides free guidance literature, as well as numerous articles and case histories describing the benefits of High-Benefit Lighting®.

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