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Engineer Your Life Program Inspires Women
November 25, 2009

A recent study proves the Engineer Your Life website and campaign, spearheaded by WGBH and the National Academy of Engineering, is breaking down stereotypes in engineering, increasing high school girls’ interest in engineering, and inspiring young women to explore engineering courses in college. The campaign aims to reposition engineering as a creative, lucrative, team-oriented profession that allows people to make a difference.

Engineer Your Life also is supported by National Engineers Week, the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), the American Association of Engineering Societies, and a coalition of more than 100 partners.

Results of the study come as the National Science Foundation recently suggested that the US currently is not training enough engineers to meet national needs. Women currently make up only 20.4% of engineering majors in universities (National Science Board 2008) and 11.1% of practicing engineers in the field (Bureau of Labor Statistics 2007).

The study, which was conducted by Veridian Insight LLC and American Institutes for Research, was done over a two-year period. High school-aged girls, guidance counselors, and practicing engineers were surveyed in relation to both cultural perceptions of engineering and its feasibility as a career choice.

The results were overwhelmingly positive and confirmed a shift toward greater interest in engineering as a career. For more information, see the Engineer Your Life website.

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