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Program Seeks Subject Matter Experts in Energy
May 13, 2010

Junior Engineering Technical Society (JETS) is placing high emphasis on the global energy need and is making it the focus of the 2011 TEAMS Competition. TEAMS is an annual, theme-based competition giving high school students the opportunity to discover their potential for engineering. Student teams work collaboratively and use the practical applications of math and science to answer engineering questions about real-world challenges.

Recognizing that America’s young people are going to be the next generation of problem-solvers and innovators, First Lady, Michelle Obama recently remarked during the National Science Bowl, “In the coming decades, our future scientists, engineers, and leaders are going to help tackle some of our most challenging problems.”

To help inspire these students and lead them toward discovering an engineering career, JETS is seeking subject matter experts in energy to help create the questions for the coming year’s program. Professionals from industry, higher academic institutions, non-profits, secondary math and science educators and curriculum specialists are encouraged to inquire.

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