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Ensuring Long-Term Joint Performance through Load Transfer Webinar Scheduled
June 28, 2017

Register for the next upcoming American Concrete and Pavement Association (ACPA) webinar that covers Ensuring Long-Term Joint Performance through Load Transfer. The webinar is scheduled for Wednesday, July 12, 2017. The presenters will be Jake Hiller, PhD, Professor, Michigan Tech, and Robert Rodden, P.E., Lead Engineer, PNA Construction Technologies, Inc.

The latest in a continuing series of webinars co-produced with the International Society for Concrete Pavements covers the popular topic of joint performance through load transfer in concrete pavements. All concrete pavements have joints, which are critical to concrete pavement performance. This webinar will explore the types of joints used in various concrete pavement types, as well as the means by which performance can be ensured either by traditional designs or with emerging, optimized, and innovative design approaches and details.

More information and to register for the webinar is available at ACPA webinar webpage.

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