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Entries Sought For ASHRAE Design Competition
October 6, 2006

A New York City building now used as a distribution center will be virtually transformed into a biotech research facility through The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineer’s (ASHRAE) 2007 Student Design Competition.

ASHRAE is looking for students to select and design an HVAC&R system to turn a package delivery company distribution building into a biotech research building complete with labs, office space, equipment, mechanical penthouse space, and a vivarium (an enclosure for keeping plants and animals alive in their natural habitat for observation purposes). The competition also includes an architectural design category for which students can submit designs for an 11,700-square-foot addition to the existing building.

The goals for the HVAC system selection and design include low life cycle cost, low environmental impact, comfort, health, creative high-performance green design and synergy with architecture. The design intent for the 127,165-square-foot renovation will be to provide modular, scaleable systems design.

The competition recognizes outstanding student design projects, to encourage undergraduate students to become involved in the profession, to apply their knowledge of practical design and to promote teamwork.

Student design teams may compete in one or more of the three categories: HVAC&R system selection, HVAC&R system design and architectural design. All team members must be enrolled in an undergraduate program during the semester they contribute to the design. Graduate students are not eligible.

The deadline for entries is May 4, 2007. For more information on the competition, visit The Student Zone section of

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