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E3 Awards Program Celebrates 20th Anniversary
December 29, 2009

The American Academy of Environmental Engineers recently kicked off of its 20th Excellence in Environmental Engineering Awards program. The E3 Awards identify and reward the best of today’s environmental engineering projects.

E3 Competition is organized around the normal phases of development and implementation of environmental management projects and programs. Each year, competitors submit a wide range of projects, from innovative designs in waste treatment plants to new water treatment technologies to unique Superfund site cleanup. Today’s engineers are increasingly integrated into team/project approaches, allowing for greater flexibility and efficiency in project management. The combination of new technologies and expert environmental engineering practices make these projects true winners.

The deadline to enter is February 1, 2009. For more information, or to view past winners, contact the American Academy of Environmental Engineers at 410.266.3311; email: or visit AAEE’s Web site at

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