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Experts Debate Future Codes
January 11, 2008

Building safety will be front and center when code officials, architects, engineers and other building industry professionals meet to debate more than 2,200 proposed changes to the International Codes. The 2008 International Code Council Codes Forum will convene in Palm Springs, California, February 18-March 1. Proposed code changes will be considered for inclusion into the 2009 International Codes. The Code Council updates the I-Codes every three years through a governmental consensus process. The hearings are open and inclusive, allowing input from anyone and everyone in a public setting.

The Code Council will host a February 17 pre-Codes Forum event, the Wildland Urban Interface Institute. The institute will offer an in-depth look at the wildland urban interface problem in the United States and its impact on local communities. Attendees will discuss elements of the International Wildland Urban Interface Code, Community Wildfire Protection Planning and other tools to minimize the impact of wildland fires.

As part of Codes Forum the Code Council also will administer inspector exams February 22-25. The residential and commercial exams cover building, electrical, plumbing and mechanical inspections. Other exams offered are Fire Inspector I, Fire Inspector II and Fire Plans Examiner.

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