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FEA To Deliver Two Presentations
March 29, 2010

Facility Engineering Associates, (FEA) is proud to announce that Christopher Hodges, a principal at FEA, will be delivering two presentations at IFMA’s Facility Fusion 2010 Conference held in Philadelphia April 13th-15th. Mr. Hodges will be presenting IFMA’s How-To Guide Highlight: Session 1 Getting Started in Sustainable Facility Management. On behalf of the IFMA Foundation, Mr. Hodges authored the first in the Sustainability How-To Guide Series. In his second presentation, Mr. Hodges will be co-presenting with William T. Conley of CFM2 on the topic, Measuring Energy Consumption: IFMA’s ENERGY STAR Initiative.

The Measuring Energy Consumption: IFMA’s ENERGY STAR Initiative presentation is intended to teach the facility management community what they need to know to establish an energy use baseline, receive an ENERGY STAR rating and ENERGY STAR label, what to do when it is not possible to earn an ENERGY STAR rating, and what the ENERGY STAR program is doing to expand and how IFM’s Sustainability Committee is educating, benchmarking, and challenging facility managers to reduce energy consumption in their facilities. If interested in registering for Facility Fusion, you can do so here.

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