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Film “Dream Big: Engineering Our World" Set To Debut
February 16, 2017

An engineer performs a routine inspection of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California. The Golden Gate is a suspension bridge designed by a team of engineers in the 1930s. Up until 1964, it was the longest suspension bridge in the world. Copyright American Society of Civil Engineers.

February 19-25, 2017 is Engineers Week, and with it comes the debut of the new IMAX film “Dream Big: Engineering Our World.” The movie takes viewers on a tour of some of the most magnificent engineering marvels in the world, and tells powerful stories of a diverse group of engineers who are changing lives.

American Society of Civil Engineers Executive Director Tom Smith says, “The challenges engineers are taking on are the big ones: clean water, smart buildings, climate change, creating sustainable cities for tomorrow… different kinds of people… can each make their own individual mark on their communities and the world at large.”

More information is available here.

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