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Fire Protection Engineering Career Guide
October 23, 2008

To help high school and college students with career choices, Bethesda, MD-based Society of Fire Protection Engineers (SFPE) has created the third edition of their Guide to Careers in Fire Protection Engineering.

The free guide will especially appeal to students interested in science and who have a desire to make the world a safer place, but any student seeking to discover his or her passion will find the guide informative.

Guide to Careers in Fire Protection Engineering is also a great starting point for students who already want a career in engineering, but are unsure of which specialty is right for them. It provides students the opportunity to explore college degree programs, specific career paths and different ways to enter and succeed in the field.

Fire protection engineering is a fast-growing occupation. Year after year, the demand for qualified fire protection engineers outpaces the supply. According to SFPE, a beginning fire protection engineer, on average, earns $55,000 a year and the median annual salary of today’s fire protection engineers exceeds $98,000 plus benefits – among the highest-paid engineers in the nation.

A free copy of The Guide to Careers in Fire Protection Engineering can be obtained by contacting Chris Jelenewicz at

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