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Flowmaster Offers Webinars on Plant and Piping Design
February 11, 2010

Flowmaster USA recently announced the Plant and Piping Design Webinar Series. This is an ongoing free education opportunity for facility engineers, flow assurance managers, process engineers and anyone involved in the design of thermo-fluid systems used by thousands of engineers worldwide.

The Plant and Piping Design Webinars will address industry challenges by demonstrating methods and case studies from the oil and gas, process, plant, and power generation markets. Part I of the series, Improving Offshore Import/Export Systems, will take place at 10 am CST on February 23rd and will provide an introduction to 1D thermo-fluid simulation by analyzing how an oil and gas conglomerate is using Flowmaster V7 to size components and assess different configurations in the design of an oil import/export terminal and single point mooring system.

For more information and registration, please see the Flowmaster Webinars web page.

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