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Formation of SEAS Trustees
May 1, 2005

The University of Virginia School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS) has initiated unprecedented changes in the structure of the two organizations responsible for supporting the needs of the School.

The Virginia Engineering Foundation was established in 1953 to aid and promote engineering and research at SEAS. In the early 90’s the Dean’s Advisory Council (DAC) was established to provide strategic advice and guidance to the dean on matters related to academics. The two organizations worked independently for many years in support of SEAS.

Recent transitions in the Office of the Dean and in the Foundation invited an opportunity to explore ways in which the support structure of the School might be improved. After considerable deliberation and consultation, a new organization has emerged that combines the functions of both the VEF Board and the DAC – the SEAS Trustees.

This new SEAS Trustees organization is charged with providing the backbone of support to the Engineering School by advising the dean on issues related to strategic planning, development, and promotion. The Trustees will provide advice on academics, development, communications, and finance and will serve as the governing body of the Virginia Engineering Foundation, which will continue to serve as the development organization for the School.

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