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Forum Provides Help In Design Problems
December 7, 2004

Flomerics Inc. and announce a new technical forum at that provides assistance at no charge in simulating electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) design problems. The forum allows EMC engineers and other interested parties to submit inquiries to Fred German, a product manager for Flomerics who holds a PhD in computational electromagnetics and has over 15 years of experience in applying advanced simulation techniques to real-world design problems in the EMC/EMI and RF/Microwave areas.

As an example of a typical problem addressed in the forum, a participant wrote in to ask: “I have a situation with a fairly large telecom chassis where the majority of the radiated emissions from my system are coming from the cables attached to the front panel. Do you have any recommendations in terms of the important elements to include in the model so that I have the best chance of simulating the system accurately” German answered: “I would try to use the simulation to understand which coupling mechanism is dominating. If you have the possibility of measuring the common mode current, you could inject that current in the cables in the simulation to check that the simulation shows the same emission characteristics that you have experienced and then use the various visualization and analysis tools available in the modeling software to help identify the root cause of the problem. For example, you could potentially examine the field and surface distributions which could help identify the coupling path. Once the right coupling mechanism is identified, the simulation can also help in finding solutions to break that particular coupling mechanism (filters, grounding points, etc.).”

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