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Fostering Diversity in the Civil Engineering Workforce
August 27, 2008

As U.S. engineering firms face increasing global competition, civil engineers need to be conscious not only of reflecting the diverse perspectives of their international colleagues, but also the perspectives in their increasingly diverse communities and local workforce.

According to a new guide published by the Society, Diversity by Design: Guide to Fostering Diversity in the Civil Engineering Workforce, written by Sybil E. Hatch, P.E. and sponsored by the American Society of Civil Engineers’ (ASCE) Committee on Diversity and Women in Civil Engineering, “the myriad challenges of managing a diverse engineering workforce can be encompassed by a two-pronged approach: be aware of the issues . . . and make addressing those issues a priority.”

Diversity by Design, which complements ASCE’s Guide to Hiring and Retaining Great Civil Engineers, addresses an array of topics focused in four key areas: “The Diversity Landscape”, what diversity looks and feels like in the current workforce; “Retaining Diverse Civil Engineers”, how to create a workplace that is conducive to diversity; “Recruiting Diverse Civil Engineers”, where to find professionals from diverse backgrounds; and “Managing a Diverse Workforce”, techniques for engineering managers to guide and enhance their diverse employees’ productivity and career satisfaction.

To purchase a copy of Diversity by Design, visit online.

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