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Free Online Calculator For Arch Length & Radius
March 31, 2011

It might be easy to calculate the length of framing member needed when it is a straight shot from point A to point B. However, the calculation becomes more complicated when it involves a curve. Now, Radius Track Corporation, the leading provider of curved structural framing and 3D modeling for curved surfaces, is making it easier than ever to make those curved calculations. The company has introduced a free new online tool to quickly calculate radius and arc lengths at the click of a button.

“When you need an exact radius, arch length or even cord length measurement, you need accurate results. Complicated math equations are tiresome when you’re in the field and need a fast answer,” says Chuck Mears, AIA, CEO of Radius Track. “Our new Radius Calculator tool gives you fast and accurate results with the click of a button.”

To use, simply enter any two of the following measurements: arc radius, chord height or cord length, and the tool calculates the rest. The output measurements can also be easily printed and taken to the job site.

To view and use the new tool, visit The Radius Calculator is located in the “Curved-Right Custom Framing” tab.

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