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GeoDecisions Builds New GIS Application
April 18, 2005

GeoDecisions, an award-winning leader in the information technology industry that specializes in geospatial solutions, was recently awarded a contract to implement a new geographic information system (GIS) in Stafford County, VA, that will help county officials evaluate assets and infrastructure for future development.

In recent years, Stafford County has experienced considerable growth. Although much of the county remains rural, it has increasingly become home to commuters who work in Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C., approximately 40 miles to the north.

To help county officials manage the growth, GeoDecisions is designing a geodatabase that incorporates ESRI® ArcSDETM technology. The geodatabase will serve as a data warehouse or repository for county information, such as parcel, road, zoning, building, census, and subdivision information that is currently stored in a variety of different formats and locations.

Overall, the geodatabase will consolidate, document, and preserve relevant county information that officials can use to make informed decisions about land development and community planning. It will also enable multiple users in remote locations to access data at the same time and provide high-quality tax parcel data and associated features, thereby improving analysis capabilities. The long-term project goal is preparation of the data for deployment over the internet.

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