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GeoStructures Solves Engineering Puzzle
August 18, 2010

High school teams at George Washington Carver Center for Arts & Technology near Baltimore will eventually have new athletic fields on which to play after completion of a 5,500 square foot retaining wall from design-build contractor GeoStructures.

While conventional construction systems may call for a post-and-panel or a tieback wall, GeoStructures took a different approach because of the site’s proximity to adjacent properties and its limited easements for wall construction. The company chose a soil nailing system involving top-down excavation on five-foot increments, installation of 230 epoxy-coated soil nails, application of shotcrete for temporary confinement of the soil between nails, and then attached precast concrete panels from the bottom up.

What helped speed up the construction process is the patented hardware used to attach the precast panels to the soil nails. With built-in versatility in all directions, the galvanized connections allowed a fixed dimensioned concrete panel to be attached easily to the soil nails.

Other contractors on the project are Grimm & Parker Architects, structural engineer KCI Technologies and geotechnical engineer D.W. Kozera, Inc.

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