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GigaTribe Launches File Sharing Service in the U.S.
November 25, 2008

GigaTribe, the revolutionary free Web 2.0 file sharing software community recently launched GigaTribe in the U.S. market. A FREE software community, GigaTribe lets customers easily share entire file folders of photos, videos, music, and other files with a “tribe” of friends, family, and coworkers quickly and securely in a private, completely encrypted peer to peer (P2P) environment. GigaTribe was introduced in the U.S. for the first time at the Euro Tech Showcase in Redwood City, CA.

GigaTribe is completely encrypted and private. It lets customers share entire file folders — no matter how large they are – with ONLY a selected group of users. When users join, the customer selects which group they belong to and which files they will be able to see and download. Small businesses can also use the free GigaTribe to set up an instant Virtual Private Network (VPN) to quickly share file folders with co-workers.

GigaTribe also offers a more advanced “Ultimate” version, which provides faster downloads and allows customers to access their computer’s hard drive anywhere they go through the Internet.

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