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Green500 Lists Rate Energy-efficient Supercomputers
November 11, 2009

Wu Feng, an associate professor with the Virginia Tech College of Engineering computer science and electrical and computer engineering departments, is a developer of Green500.
Virginia Tech Photo.

Since 2007, Virginia Tech’s Green500 list has ranked only the energy efficiency of the world’s 500 fastest performing supercomputers. Now, the Green500 is expanding the definition of a supercomputer to include a wider spectrum of the high-end computing world with the Little Green500 list and opening its doors to innovation with two new exploratory lists: the Open Green500 and HPCC Green500.

The primary TOP Green500 list, will continue to rank the top 500 supercomputers in the world by energy efficiency, as published by the TOP500. The focus of performance-at-any-cost computer operations has led to the emergence of supercomputers that consume vast amounts of electrical power and produce so much heat that large cooling facilities must be constructed to ensure proper performance. To address this trend, the TOP Green500 list puts a premium on energy-efficient performance for sustainable supercomputing.

The Green500 serves a complement to the TOP500, providing a foundation for tracking trends in green supercomputing. As with the TOP500, the Green500 issues two releases per year.

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