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Greening Virginia Universities and Colleges Conference Set
October 12, 2009

The Fourth Annual Greening Virginia Universities and Colleges Conference will be held October 22nd, 2009 at The Commons, Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), in Richmond, Virginia. The conference is organized by the Virginia Sustainable Building Network (VSBN).

Presentations this year will include a panel led by Jacek Ghosh, M.Arch., VCU Director of Sustainability, titled The Sustainability Initiative at Virginia Commonwealth University, and a presentation titled Global Warming’s Six Americas 2009, a joint study by George Mason University’s (GMU) Center for Climate Change Communication and Yale University.

The conference is an opportunity to hear about best practices in Green design and campus operations, learn about Climate Action Plans at Virginia universities and colleges, and tour the LEED Platinum Rice Center at VCU.

You can register for the event at

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