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Guide Makes Plan Checking Easier
November 15, 2004

The International Code Council and the Metal Building Manufacturers Association have published the Seismic Design Guide for Metal Building Systems to help engineers, building officials and plan checkers ensure metal building designs are compliant with the seismic provisions of the 2000 International Building Code (IBC). Using realistic design examples, this new resource illustrates acceptable approaches for dealing with the seismic design issues commonly encountered in metal building systems.

The design recommendations are based on the 2000 IBC, the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) Seismic Provisions for Steel Buildings and standard industry practices. Primarily focused on Allowable Stress Design (ASD), the guide also addresses Load and Resistance Factor Design (LRFD) when appropriate. In addition, the guide provides the technical background of recent code changes that impact seismic design.

Robert E. Bachman, S.E.; Richard M. Drake, S.E.; Martin W. Johnson, S.E.; and Thomas M. Murray, Ph.D., P.E., authored this comprehensive resource.

To purchase a copy of the Seismic Design Guide for Metal Building Systems, visit the ICC Store at, or call 1-800-786-4452. Price: $62 (ICC members), $69 (nonmembers).

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