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ICC and Young Detroit Builders Partner For Auction
August 26, 2005

A silent auction held on Monday, Sept. 26 during the International Code Council (ICC) Annual Conference at the COBO Conference/Exhibition Center, will raise funds for Young Detroit Builders, a nonprofit organization that offers young residents life-changing opportunities by teaching them important trade and life skills. Young Detroit Builders participants build or rehabilitate housing units in Detroit under the supervision of licensed builders and journeyman carpenters.

“At the same time that these young people are getting on-the-job training and education, including leadership development, low-income families benefit from the construction of affordable housing,” said Young Detroit Builders Founder and Executive Director, Beverly Manick. “It’s a real win-win situation. Our students build homes from top to bottom, start to finish.”

Since 1996, more than 500 unemployed and undereducated young people have completed the year-long program. Young Detroit Builders has helped build or rehabilitate 60 low-income homes.

“The silent auction is a way for our members and conference attendees to make a lasting, positive impact on local communities that host our annual conference,” said International Code Council Board Member and Foundation Board of Governor’s representative Bill Duck, Director of Inspections and Codes for Columbus, Ga. “We are proud to partner with Young Detroit Builders to assist low-income young adults in rebuilding their lives while rebuilding their communities.”

There are three ways to participate in the Silent Auction: donating a prize, making a bid during the auction or making a cash donation to the ICC Foundation for Young Detroit Builders. For more information, visit or call the International Code Council at 1-888-422-7233, ext. 3267.

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