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ICC-ES PMG to Certify Plumbing Products to the New Federal Law
January 19, 2011

ICC-ES PMG announces that it will certify plumbing products to the new Federal Law for Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water.

The legislation, which passed prior to the final adjournment of the 111th Congress, provides for a 36 month implementation period. The legislation requirements are consistent with the current requirements for the States of California, Vermont and Maryland.

ICC-ES offers a free certification to the law to manufacturers whose products are certified to the applicable performance standard by ICC-ES. “ICC-ES has been sensitive to the needs of product manufacturers for years. Dawn Qualley, Certification Program Manager says “We understand that we are here to address all the certification needs of manufacturers and solve their certification challenges. That is why we offer this free certification to such manufacturers. Manufacturers who wish to transfer their current certification to ICC-ES PMG can do so in order to take advantage of this offer. We assure a seamless and pain free transfer”.

ICC-ES is a subsidiary of the International Code Council.

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