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ICC-ES Verifies Recycled Content
May 11, 2010

RCP Block and Brick concrete masonry units have been issued Verification of Attributes Report (VAR-1003) by ICC Evaluation Service (ICC-ES) under the Sustainable Attributes Verification and Evaluation (SAVE) Program. This new report provides independent, third-party confirmation that RCP’s concrete masonry units are manufactured with a minimum of 25 percent post-consumer recycled content. VAR-1003 also provides information on how the products may qualify for credits under major green rating systems, which may be of benefit to designers, architects, builders and code officials.

In addition to verifying the recycled content of RCP’s concrete block, the VAR also determines how the product qualifies for points under various green building systems. For example, based on the green building requirements of the NAHB and ICC’s “National Green Building Standard” (ICC-700), RCP concrete block could qualify for two points when used with another major building component containing recycled material. The VAR also discusses RCP concrete block applications within USGBC’s “LEED for New Construction” and “LEED for Homes”, the 2008 “California Green Building Standards Code” and GBI’s Green Globes Standard.

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