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ICC Offers New Certifications
August 22, 2006

The need for assistance during recovery from disasters prompted the International Code Council (ICC) to offer two new professional certifications: Disaster Response Inspector Certification, and Coastal and Flood Plain Construction Inspector Certification.

Those who pass the Disaster Response Inspector Certification exam have the most current knowledge and expertise to assess the safety of structures following disasters. The certification exam tests an individual’s ability to inspect, evaluate and document structural damage. The exam focuses on a range of critical duties, key site assessment criteria and a number of related duties that are required of an inspector during the critical post-disaster response. Individuals earning Disaster Response Cetification are qualified to assist any community in its disaster assessments.

The Coastal and Flood Plain Construction Inspector Certification brings an added layer of protection to coastal developments and communities with designated flood plain zones. Individuals earning the Coastal Construction Flood Plain Inspector certification can inspect coastal homes and businesses to ensure the structures meet code requirements, including special requirements in high wind zones.
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