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IEEE Releases Updated White Book
December 5, 2007

The IEEE has updated its widely used White Bookâ„¢ standard, also known as IEEE 602â„¢, “Recommended Practice for Electrical Systems in Health Care Facilities.” The 380-page standard offers detailed recommended practices for the design and operation of electrical systems within a wide range of health care facilities.

The IEEE White Book serves to alert electrical engineers, designers and health care operating personnel to the many problems that are encountered in the design and operation of health care facilities. Using the IEEE White Book can help guide electrical systems designers in contributing to the protection of lives and preservation of property through operational considerations that reduce electrical failures. The IEEE White Book also provides information on maintenance where there is a minimum need for specialized services. Another benefit to designers is the provision of design considerations that recognize the flexibility of electrical systems in terms of layout and placement, and that fulfill the requirements for proper electrical installation. This awareness will help to develop concern for the professional aspects of health care facility engineering.

This version of the IEEE White Book updates the 1996 version to reflect the most recent electrical standards and updates in modern medical equipment. The IEEE Industry Applications Society, through its Power Systems Engineering Subcommittee, contributed to the development of the standard.

The updated IEEE White Book is available through the IEEE Online Catalog.

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