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Imperium, Inc. Announces Reseller Agreement
May 27, 2009

Imperium, Inc., the developer of the world’s only portable ultrasound imaging camera, the Acoustocam, announced recently that Air Dynamics, a leading supplier of industrial equipment to the aerospace industry, will resell the Acoustocam to its growing base of U.S., U.K. and Canadian customers, for inspection and maintenance purposes. As the sole provider of the Acoustocam, Imperium says the ultrasound camera is potentially more understandable, useable, and affordable than anything like it currently on the market.

The Acoustocam is a hand-held device that may be used as part of quick survey of suspected damage areas. The device shows subsurface defects that cannot be seen visually. The user simply places a probe against the aircraft structure and with proper equipment setup, subsurface defects appear on a handheld monitor in real time.

“The time and cost savings from using a hand-held device that can immediately provide results is going to change the way our customers conduct routine maintenance and equipment inspection,” said Bruce Truesdale, founder and president of Air Dynamics. “Our customers are going to benefit instantly from using the Acoustocam for these important and necessary processes, including post-accident inspections.”

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