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Improving Conditions in Petionville
April 15, 2010

Seabees from Naval Mobile Construction Battalion (NMCB) Seven’s Air Detachment are improving roads and installing engineering controls to improve living conditions for the more than 40,000 residents of Camp Petionville, an internally displaced persons (IDP) camp in Port-au-Prince according to a press release by MCC James G. Pinsky.

The engineering work is part of a larger IDP camp improvement program involving eight other camps identified by Joint Task Force (JTF) Haiti J7 engineers as needing road and engineering control improvements to mitigate the effects of the pending rainy season that historically begins in mid-April.

“The Seabees are the wheels, horsepower and expertise needed to save lives here,” said Sean Penn, head of J/P Haitian Relief Organization (HRO), the group running Camp Petionville.

One of the assets the Seabees, who serve primarily as advisors and mentors to other engineering assets at Camp Petionville, is an all-Haitian labor force generated by NGO-run “cash-for-work” program enabling local Haitians to perform more detailed engineering work like digging drainage ditches and marking paths for road improvements throughout the campsite.

By utilizing the empowering cash-for-work program, local Haitians are not only helping their fellow countrymen prepare for the upcoming rainy season, they are also helping to stimulate their own economy.

For more information visit NAVFAC.

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