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In Celebration of CSEd Week 2017
December 6, 2017

The Computer Science Education Coalition (CSEC) has announced that in celebration of National Computer Science Education Week (CSEd Week) 2017, students, parents, educators and community and business leaders across the country will participate in Hour of Code events in schools, homes and businesses. Their partners in CSEd Week will be working to highlight the critical role of computer science education in preparing American students for the jobs of this century.

Almost every job – medicine, law, business, government and banking – increasingly requires foundational familiarity with computer science, making it clear that computer science is an emerging basic skill. Graduates with computer science training are in high demand in our military and throughout the public and private sectors. The United States, however, struggles to provide students with the computer science skills needed to fill these positions, leaving critical jobs throughout our economy unfilled.

The shortage of qualified computer science workers and students threatens America’s role as an innovation leader in a globally competitive world and undermines our national security. Computer science education must be a national priority to grow jobs domestically, compete internationally and innovate successfully.

CSEd Week provides a unique opportunity to introduce students to computer science, as well as address the need for federal investments in support of this critical subject. Earlier this year President Trump directed the U.S. Secretary of Education to prioritize at least $200 million a year in existing grant funds for STEM and computer science subjects. This important step will help expand educational opportunities for our students and help prepare students to take on the jobs of tomorrow.

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