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Introduce A Girl To Engineering
February 1, 2006

With a sharpened focus on diversifying the ranks of engineering, Engineers Week 2006, February 19-25, will spearhead an all-out effort to reach young women and girls, especially during the sixth annual Introduce A Girl To Engineering Day on Thursday, February 23rd.

Currently about ten percent of America’s engineers are women, despite the fact that women make up 46 percent of the nation’s workforce. To counter that, Engineers Week – a 55-year-old consortium of professional and technical societies and major corporations – launched Girl Day in 2001.

Women engineers, with support from their male counterparts, are planning to reach as many as one million girls through workshops, tours, speaking engagements, on-line discussions and a host of other activities aimed at showing that engineering is an important career option for everyone.

Engineers Week also serves to raise public understanding and appreciation of engineers’ contributions to society. It is among the oldest of America’s professional outreach efforts.

Activities can be accessed online at

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