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ISA Announces New Industrial Ethernet Resource
May 13, 2008

The International Society for Measurement & Control (ISA) recently announced the publication of Industrial Ethernet for the Plant Floor: A Planning and Installation Guide by Robert Lounsbury.

This book provides guidance on how to select components, layout, install, test, certify, and troubleshoot a network system. It discusses designing industrial physical layers, network architectures, and components. The book educates the reader on the basics of noise, how to mitigate and abate it through installation techniques and the selection of components that would provide a level of performance needed in a hostile industrial environment.

According to Mr. Lounsbury, Ethernet emerged primarily to provide office connectivity to desktop computers and printers. Office environments are relatively benign with respect to electrical noises and applying the same network in an industrial environment presents the designer and installer with challenges in obtaining an equal or better performance. Machine control demands reliable data transport to ensure maximum network availability and uptime. A well-planned and installed network guarantees that the network meets the design objectives, applicable standards, and assures that the network will support the applications for which it was designed.

For more information about this resource, visit ISA online or call (919) 549-8411.

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