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ISA Releases Humorous Retirement Resource
February 22, 2008

The International Society for Measurement & Control (ISA) recently announced the latest in Gregory K. McMillan’s collection of humorous cartoon books, The Funnier Side of Retirement for Engineers and People of the Technical Persuasion.

Not long after Gregory K. McMillan, Stan Weiner, and illustrator Ted Williams co-authored The Life and Times of an Automation Professional – An Illustrated Guide, Mr. McMillan decided to again team up with his cohorts in humor to put the Senior World on your doorstep-or at least in your mailbox. “Retirement is one of the big changes in life and what is best is not the same for everyone… it should be fun,” states the book’s preface. Although Mr. McMillan chooses to work leisurely, he believes retirement should be more like a bowl of beer nuts where you stick your hand in and grab as much as you want. According to Mr. McMillan, “have you ever seen someone unhappy with a fistful of beer nuts?”

Readers will have a chance to have a far-out look (or up-front stare if your company is headed for reorganization) into what retirement offers for “geeks.” Ted Williams’ cartoons make this book a graphic expose. Engineers or technical people thinking about retiring, already retired, suspect a career change or those who just need a good laugh will enjoy this unique book.

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