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ISA WWAC Symposium
July 7, 2008

The International Society for Measurement & Control’s (ISA) 3rd Annual Water and Wastewater and Automatic Controls Symposium will be held from August 5-7, 2008 in Orlando, FL. The summit, entitled ISA Focuses on Water and Wastewater Treatment, will help professionals in the water and wastewater industry understand how automatic control applications effect processing and distribution of water treatment. Expert speakers will discuss water and wastewater processing.

The Water & Wastewater and Automatic Controls Division Symposium (WWAC) is sponsored by the ISA Water & Wastewater and Automatic Controls Divisions. Paul J. Sereiko, president & CEO of AIRSPRITE Technologies, Inc, has been announced as the keynote speaker. His session, entitled The ISA100 Standard – Characteristics and Benefit of the Standard, Latest Development, and Progress, will discuss the architectural characteristics and user benefits of the ISA100 standard currently under development as well as the latest progress and impact on the water and wastewater industry.

A technology focused one-day training seminar and two days of technical sessions will provide the latest in applications, networking, communications, and instrumentation technology associated with the water treatment industry. Attendees will also enjoy working luncheons, vendor exhibits showcasing the latest technologies, and an evening reception.

Attendees can register online at or by calling (919) 549-8411. Exhibits and sponsorship opportunities are also available. Contact Rodney Jones, ISA Senior Administrator, Technical Divisions & Symposia at (919) 990-9418.

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