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Jewett Automation Announces New Division
May 21, 2007

Jewett Automation Inc., a Richmond, VA based company focused on the design and construction of custom factory automation systems, has recently announced the formation of a new division; Jewett Converting to meet the needs of the web converting industry.

With the participation of Mr. Wes Pruitt, Regional Sales Director and Mr. Dave Pinelli, Chief Engineer formerly of Inta-Roto, Inc., Jewett Converting intends to provide specialty manufacturing equipment to the converting industry. Systems will target continuous processing of web materials utilizing common processes including; coating, laminating, printing, saturating, embossing, perforating or slitting. Specialty and/or proprietary Customer processes as may be defined will also be addressed in an Environment of Confidentiality.

According to Mr. Vince Lovejoy, General Manager, “…with the strengths of these technical powerhouses, combined with the resources and material handling experiences of Jewett Automation, we expect Jewett Converting to be able to provide a full range of services enabling us to deliver complex systems; managing raw materials, right to shipment of finished goods – all under one roof.”

For additional information, please contact Mr. Wes Pruitt at 804- 344-8101 ×3362, or via email at Vist Jewett Converting on-line at

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