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Kids Saying No to Engineering Careers
February 4, 2009

Over 85 percent of kids ages 8-17 say they aren’t interested in engineering as a future career and their parents aren’t encouraging it either, based on a new national survey of youth and adults conducted by Harris Interactive┬« on behalf of The American Society for Quality (ASQ). The National Science Foundation estimates a projected shortage of 70,000 engineers by 2010, so an overwhelming majority of kids stating they have no interest in engineering careers could have serious consequences for the U.S. economy.

ASQ has more than 14,000 engineer members who are concerned about ensuring a work force of skilled, highly educated engineers for the future. To get more kids interested in engineering, ASQ will offer a free webinar called “Real World of Engineering” available at ASQ’s website beginning Feb 16th (during National Engineers Week) and available for viewing the next 12 months.

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