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Launch of Global Recycling Day Website Announced
October 16, 2017

The countdown has started for a new international awareness day taking place March 18, 2018 which is dedicated to securing the future of the planet through recycling.

The initiative was officially kicked off at the Bureau of International Recycling’s (BIR) 2017 World Recycling Convention earlier this month, with the launch of the Global Recycling Day website) and launch of the Global Recycling Day’s social media channels Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn by Ranjit Baxi, President of the BIR – the global federation of the recycling industry.

The first ever Global Recycling Day will unite people across the world, highlighting the need to conserve our six primary resources (water, air, coal, oil, natural gas and minerals) and celebrating the power of the newly termed “Seventh Resource”- the goods we recycle every day. The new initiative is the brain child of Ranjit Baxi, who announced his vision for a day dedicated to recycling.

Every year the earth yields billions of tons of natural resources to create consumables. At some point, there could be nothing left. That is why the world must think again about what is thrown away – seeing not waste, but opportunity. This is the core message of the Global Recycling Day.

Global Recycling Day will be a day focused on action, aimed at a global approach towards recycling and calling on world leaders, international businesses, communities and individuals to make seven clear commitments in their approach to recycling.

These commitments are:
• Focus on international legislation and agreements.
• Boost free and fair trade of recycling materials across the globe.
• Educate, from grass roots up, the public on the critical necessity of recycling.
• Agree to a common language of recycling.
• Make recycling a community issue, supporting schemes and initiatives which help households and businesses provide Seventh Resource materials for repurposing.
• Work with the industry to encourage ‘design for recycling’ in the repurposing of materials – reducing waste, integrating ‘end-of-life’ planning at design stage.
• Support innovation, research and initiatives that foster better recycling practices and technology.

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